Frequently Asked Questions

Note: I haven't received any questions for this site, so I made some up based on past experiences.

Bisenieks? How am I supposed to pronounce that monstrosity?
Bisenieks is a Latvian surname, and is easily pronounceable for those with a passing familiarity of Latvian phonology. For those neither familiar with said phonology nor interested in learning it just for one name, it is pronounced Biss en yex [IPA: /bɪsεnjεks/].

Is that a kilt?
Yes, I bought my first kilt in 2006 and have continued wearing kilts, come all but hell or high water, since that time.

Why the kilt?
I bought my first kilt because I thought that they looked comfortable. I continue wearing kilts because I was right.

So, do you wear your kilt "regimental"?
Allow me to direct you to a variety of answers to that particular question--you're sure to find an answer that suits you.

How about the top hat?
The top hat was a graduation gift from some of my friends when I finished high school. I have, on rare occasions, taken it off since then.

What is your favorite spoon?

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