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Hilary B. Bisenieks is a Philadelphian, a podcaster, and a Quaker. They live with their wife and two cats in Oakland, California.

Hilary studied Creative Writing and English Literature at Warren Wilson College, in the mountains of Western North Carolina. While there, they also worked as a waste-management technician and later as a bicycle mechanic.

Hilary is the host of Tales from the Trunk, a podcast about science fiction, fantasy, and horror writing.

Black and white picture of Hilary wearing a sleeveless top, round dark glasses, dangly earrings, and a bandana. They have a short goatee and an undercut hairstyle, and they're smiling. They are sitting astride a motorcycle with a round headlight and a small windshield. They are in a ray of sunlight that cuts across their shoulders, casting a shadow on the white background to their left, while leaving the remaining two thirds of the backdrop dark and featureless.